Fire Guts Toms River Town Homes, Child Among Two Injured. (2024)

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Breaking Local News Report

Toms River, NJ — A significant fire early this morning at the Mariners Cove townhome complex prompted a rapid response from the Silverton Volunteer Fire Department and several other local fire units. The incident occurred around 3:20 AM, with firefighters arriving to find two units fully engulfed in flames and the fire spreading to adjacent units.

An initial scare regarding an adult male who was reported unaccounted for was resolved when he was found safe outside the burning structures.

The fire injured two civilians—one adult and one juvenile—who suffered burns and smoke inhalation and were taken to the hospital for treatment. Additionally, three firefighters sustained minor injuries while combating the blaze, with two treated for minor burns and released from the hospital.

Responding units from Pleasant Plains Volunteer Fire Department, East Dover Fire Company, Toms River Fire Company #1 and #2, Ocean Beach Volunteer Fire Company, and Island Heights Volunteer Fire Company were crucial in controlling the fire quickly, which helped limit the damage significantly. Despite their efforts, approximately 10 residents have been displaced, and six housing units were deemed unsafe by the Toms River Building Department, with two suffering severe damage.

The cause of the fire appears accidental and is linked to the failure of energized electrical equipment within the primary affected unit. The Toms River Bureau of Fire Prevention, the Toms River Police Department, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office – Major Crimes Arson Squad, and the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Unit are conducting further investigations.

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The Toms River Bureau of Fire Prevention has praised all emergency personnel’s swift and effective actions, acknowledging their role in preventing further damage and loss. For more information, the community is encouraged to contact the Toms River Bureau of Fire Prevention.

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    Murder Suspect, Girlfriend Shared Intimate Encounter While Barricaded, Shooting at Police

    TOMS RIVER, NJ - Sources within law enforcement today have confirmed that Maxwell Johnston, the fugitive murder suspect who killed himself after a tense standoff with police officers in Toms River, was with another woman inside a Toms River home before police entered the house.

    According to the reliable source, the woman was a girlfriend of Johnston, and the pair reportedly published their final intimate moments together on Instagram before his self-inflicted demise. The woman, who was later seen being taken away by ambulance, was reportedly injured after a police teargas canister struck her in the head.

    The pair engaged in a sexual act before his death, the source confirmed tonight. The video and photos were posted to Instagram under the account Glizzygrimm. That account belongs to Elizabeth Mascarelli, who has a police record that includes the possession, manufacturing, and distribution of drugs.

    In one photo published on her Instagram page, the two are seen have relations. A bullet hole was clearly visible in the shattered mirror in the Ravenwood Court bedroom. Maxwell was holding a gun, presumably the one he killed himself and Gabriella Caroleo with. Both topless, Mascarelli is seen licking the gun in one photo.

    In another photo, Maxwell is seen making a 'finger gun' motion to his head, indicating that he was going to kill himself. Mascarelli was smiling in the photo.

    Fire Guts Toms River Town Homes, Child Among Two Injured. (3)
    Fire Guts Toms River Town Homes, Child Among Two Injured. (4)

    Johnston reportedly fired multiple shots at police and U.S. Marshals Service agents before police entered the home to find him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

    Officials believe Mascarelli knew Johnston was a fugitive wanted for the murder of a 25-year-old mother from Seaside Heights, Gabriella M. Caroleo. Caroleo was found shot dead near the intersection of Route 571 and Route 547 in Manchester Thursday evening shortly before 5:00 pm on June 27th. Mascarelli was also from Seaside Heights.

    Fire Guts Toms River Town Homes, Child Among Two Injured. (5)

    It is not known whether or not Mascarelli will be charged for her role in today's standoff. She has an extensive criminal arrest record.

    Toms River officials have refused to comment on this report, and the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office is expected to release a press release shortly.

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    Cleveland Resident Wins $160K in Rolling Cash 5 Lottery

    CLEVELAND, OH – A Cleveland local has won a substantial $160,000 from the Rolling Cash 5 lottery draw held on June 15, 2024. After deductions for state and federal taxes, which total 28 percent, the winner will receive $115,200.

    The winning ticket was purchased at Superior Food Mart, located at 12333 Superior Ave. The winning numbers for this draw were 3, 5, 6, 8, and 25. Rolling Cash 5, a popular daily draw game, conducts its drawings at 7:05 pm every day of the week.

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    Utica Police Investigate Shots Fired on Stark Street

    Utica, NY - The Utica Police Department’s GIVE unit is investigating a shooting incident that occurred on July 3, 2024, on the 900 block of Stark Street.

    Officers responding to the scene located two spent 9mm shell casings. The projectile struck a vehicle, entering the trunk area and embedding into the rear quarter panel.

    Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact GIVE investigators at 315-223-3510.

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Fire Guts Toms River Town Homes, Child Among Two Injured. (2024)
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